hi there,
we’re Sam + Nick!


Hey friends! That’s us over there. We’re two creatives that fell in love, got married and are now traveling the world capturing other peoples’ unique love stories. The first thing you should know is that building a relationship with you is ridiculously important to us. We want to make sure that you know we’re right there by your side on your most important day, making sure it is the best day ever. We want to be so much more than just wedding photographers to you, so don’t be surprised when we help bustle your dress, pin on boutonnieres and refill your drink when you need it. 

Our photography style is intimate and candid. We love the perfectly imperfect moments and capturing those moments you want to relive forever. Your story is yours and we want your photos to reflect that, so while we can definitely help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera (don’t worry, we don’t love being on that side either), we also make sure that you’re never in some stiff, awkward prom pose. We focus on your interaction and capture all of the genuine, quirky, beautiful, hilarious, loud, intimate moments. Whatever makes you, you - that’s what we want to see. The way you laugh in each other’s faces, the tickles and booty grabs, your favorite way to be held, how you squeeze each other when you hug and never want to let go and how after every kiss you smile just a little. The little things and the big moments, and everything in between. You’ve built this incredible relationship and we are so ready to work with you to create beautiful images that show it off. 

It has been so incredible to witness the connection between our couples and their families, the vulnerability they’ve shown us and forming so many new friendships. Our souls have forever been changed and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 




We met almost 10 years ago and have spent nearly every day of the last 9 years together. As much as we love adventure and traveling, we also love our down time. We have 3 fur babes that get most of our attention and they seriously might as well be our kids. We are always rewatching all the seasons of The Office, Friends, Seinfeld, binging literally any murder mystery and shamelessly watching MTV reality shows. Somehow we have over 125 Pandora radio stations that we constantly listen to and whether its 90s board games or console games, we play at least 3 a week. Oh and don’t think we forgot, we saved the best for last - food! We’re actually vegan and LOVE to cook! Seriously, we cook a lot. From tacos, to pasta, pizza and full Thanksgiving meals, we love creating killer vegan versions of our family and friends’ favorite foods. And don’t worry, we promise we won’t judge the full BBQ buffet at your wedding!




One of the best things about our job is all of the magical places we travel to! Below you’ll find our upcoming travel as well as a list of places from our bucket list. Traveling to new places and meeting new faces is one of the most fulfilling things, ever. So if you are down for a double date adventure in any of these dreamy locations or you’ll be in any of the places we’re going, let’s make it happen! And if you’re heading somewhere not on the list, still reach out! We really want to see as much of this world as possible and it’d be even more fun to do it with you! Plus, we offer discounted packages to couples traveling to any of places and willing to bring us along. 



Colorado // 9th - 16th
Michigan // 17th - 21st


North Carolina // 21st - 25th

North & South Carolina // 12th - 16th

bucket list




New Zealand