the Experience


Your experience from the first time we talk, all the way through the delivery of your final photographs, means everything. When you book us as your wedding photographers, we don’t just show up on the day of your wedding, we take the time to develop a true friendship beforehand so that when your wedding day finally arrives, you trust us and know that we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Did you know that your wedding photographer is the one person who will be by your side more than any other person on your wedding day? Yeah, it’s crazy but soooo true! That is why it is so important that you hire a photographer that not only offers the style of photography you are wanting, but also has a fun, outgoing and relaxing personality — and that is exactly what you get with us. You deserve someone by your side that is completely invested in your day, there’s just no other way.

As your photographers, we want to capture your story exactly how it unfolds. We’ll be present for the big moments but also candidly capture those super special, organic moments that happen on their own. When you receive your online gallery, we want you to be able to relive your wedding day through your photographs. You’ll see all the beautiful details, how happy you were as you walked down that aisle and just how embarrassing (and adorable!) your guests were on the dance floor. You’ll be able to remember exactly how those special moments felt over and over again. 

It’s going to be an absolutely beautiful, amazing day and we’re going to help you remember it all.


“Make your life easier and just hire them. You’ll thank me I promise.”


the Investment

Your wedding photography investment is something that you will cherish forever. This isn’t just a wedding day investment, it’s a generational investment, your legacy. Your memories will be all that is left (aside from your love for each other, of course!) after this monumental day is over and these photographs will preserve those memories, forever.


We are always happy to offer payment plans when needed — just let us know during booking and we can make it happen. By hiring the right photographer, it means you’ll have photographs that you can cherish for generations to come.

We’re available for travel, wherever love takes you. Get in touch for our full investment guide.



the Process


#1. Let’s connect

Before you’re ever in front of our cameras, we have to be a great fit. Every wedding is unique because every couple is unique. Building a friendship with the two of you is how we know we’ll be able to capture your day perfectly. Plus, it is way more fun that way! You’re going to be looking at these photos forever, don’t let some stranger take them.


#2. Save the date

As soon as you are able, we highly recommend booking us as soon as possible! Some couples have booked us before even deciding on their venue and some book us over a year out. We want to give our couples the best experience so we only take on a limited number of weddings per month — this means our calendar fills up quickly. Book us as soon as possible to reserve your date.


#3. Engagement session

Let’s plan your engagement session!

This is such an exciting time and we want your photographs to reflect that! We’ll work together to find the perfect location and create photographs that are perfect for your save-the-dates, wedding website and that amazing guest book for the wedding! It’s also a perfect time to practice being on the other side of our camera and experience how relaxed we can actually make you feel!


#4. Your timeline

There are a lot of elements that go into your wedding day timeline and this is where our expertise comes in. We’ll certainly recommend doing a first-look but most of all create a timeline that maximizes our time together. We’ve worked on a ton of wedding timelines, so let us help reduce your stress.


#5. Your wedding!

Oh my goodness, your wedding day is finally here! And guess what? You’re going to be able to relax and enjoy this amazing time with your friends and family because you hired us. All the questions have been answered, the timeline is done and it’s time for your gorgeous details and memories to be captured!


#6. Delivery!

It’s time for us to deliver your photographs!

The anticipation will totally be killing you but don’t worry, that’s what sneak peeks are for. Good things take time so expect a turn around time of about 6-8 weeks.

We can’t wait to get your photographs back to you and let you relive that magical day all over again!!



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