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The Moza AirCross 3

The latest gimbal from Gudsen Moza, the AirCross 3, is the first from the company to be compatible with the newest DSLR and mirrorless cameras. They have added compatibility for the R5 and R6 from Canon and the A7C and A1 from Sony, which is excellent news for wedding videographers who want to add video […]

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The Mirfak Audio TU10 Microphone

Mirfak Audio is ready to light up your desk with their new USB desktop microphone, the TU10. Improving on their original USB desktop microphone, the TU1, the TU10 utilizes four different microphone patterns allowing you to customize your recording settings based on your setup. Not only can you customize your microphone pattern, but now you […]

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The Moza Mini MX2

With the recent release of the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, we have seen more emphasis on the ability of a smartphone’s camera. As smartphones keep evolving, so do the gimbals created for them. If you haven’t used a smartphone gimbal before, like Moza’s Mini MX, but you’ve wanted to take your smartphone video shooting […]

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